Discipleship is part of our main mission here at Father’s House Church. We take example from Jesus, who spent most of His time in fellowship, breaking bread and teaching His 12 disciples. We understand that every person has the ability to influence someone else. We want to make leaders who lead others.


We believe the Church should nurture and support families. This means providing the moral education families must have. Strong families make up a strong church! We pray that Jesus be the center of every family and that the fear of The Lord dwells in each household. There is nothing more important than a strong family bond!


Jesus showed His love for us on the cross of Calvary. It’s easy for someone to simply say they love God, but it’s another thing to show it. The bible tells us that “faith without deeds is dead”. At Father’s House, there is no small ministry, because every act of service is equally important in God’s eyes.

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