Premarital Counseling and Weddings at Fathers House Church

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Whether you are looking to invest in developing a strong foundation for a lasting marriage through premarital counseling or to reserve a venue for your wedding here at Church of the Highlands, we are excited to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

Common Questions about Premarital Counseling

How do we begin the premarital process and/or schedule a pastor to officiate our wedding?

Contact us at or 2(704) 851-1551.

Do we have to be members of Fathers House Church to go through the premarital process or have a Fathers House Church pastor officiate our wedding?

No. You do not have to be a member of Highlands to go through our premarital process or to have one of our pastors officiate your wedding.

What are the guidelines for a Fathers House Church pastor to officiate our wedding?

If you are interested in having a Fathers House Church pastor officiate your wedding, premarital counseling is required prior to the wedding. If the premarital counseling is completed outside of Fathers House Church, counseling must be scripture-based, and we will need documentation of completion. This documentation should include the curriculum studied, a minimum of 6 hours completed and who facilitated your process on a form from your premarital counselors directly emailed to In addition, we recommend a minimum of a $300 honorarium for a Highlands pastor who officiates your wedding and should be given on the day of the wedding.

Is there a cost for premarital counseling?

Yes. The cost is $80 per couple. This covers the online assessment and the materials used for premarital counseling.

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